Hiring Long-Haul Truck Drivers

We are looking for drivers for our G and DZ (Class 5 or Class 3) trucks! Canada and USA cross border expedite work.

  • Turn your love of driving into a career!
  • If you recently obtained your commercial driver's licence and need the experience to work on Tractors, work for 1-2 years with us and then graduate to tractor trailer work! We even have contacts to help you find a job!
  • Want to upgrade your G licence (Class 5) to a DZ (Class 3)? We will upgrade for you after 9 months of employment!
  • Park the truck at your home!

Call us today! 613-347-7791

There is no experience required as we provide full training, but we do require you have:

  • The ability to be away from home (average trip 2-5 days, can be up to a couple weeks)
  • A valid and current passport - A clean criminal record - A clean driving history - A medical including vision test (even for class 5 drivers) for going into the US - The ability to obtain a FAST Card (Free and Secure Trade) - ask us about this!

What we offer:

  • Late Model Vehicles
  • Drivers paid ALL MILES (empty or loaded) Fuel cards, smartphones provided and satellite tracking on vehicles
  • Sign-on Bonus
  • Class 3 (DZ) drivers can earn up to $0.40 per km - $0.644 per mile!!!

Singles, Couples & Retirees All Welcome!

We ask applicants to submit their resume or call (613) 347 7791 today to get more information.

Though experience is an asset, it is not required. We provide full training and can get you on the road in just a few days!

Drive with Us.

What are the employment requirements?

There is no experience required as we provide full training; but we do require our drivers have:
- The ability to be away from home for extended periods of time 
- A valid and current passport with either Canadian or U.S. Citizenship or permanent residency 
- A clean criminal record (not even a pardoned one) 
- A clean driving history 
- The ability to obtain a FAST (Free and Secure Trade) card

How do I apply?

We ask applicants to submit their resume, their recent (less than 6 months) basic criminal record check, CVOR/Driver abstract, and at least two professional references. All information can be forwarded to hr@waltermcdougall.com.

Criminal record checks can be obtained from your local police department and can take anywhere from a couple minutes to couple weeks to obtain (depending on the police department). There also may or may not be a fee involved depending on the police department.

Driver abstracts can be obtained from the same place that deals with drivers licences. Ontario drivers can purchase their abstract online and have it emailed to them instantly. Quebec drivers can apply online to have their abstract mailed to them.

What is the hiring process?

Once all information is received and references checked, we invite recruits to our offices in Lancaster, ON for a road test, training, and drug testing (as required for U.S. commercial driving purposes). Once training is completed, we take our new drivers on a training run. At the end of training, drivers are either paired with a teammate to gain on-the-road experience or are assigned a truck - and are 'ready to roll'.

What kind of hours do drivers work?

Full-time drivers work a full schedule (40+ hours) and can be called out on a run day or night; part-time drivers can also be away for extended periods of time but tend to be home for longer stretches of time between trips - it is perhaps more accurate to call it occasional driving rather than part time.

How are drivers paid?

We pay our drivers by the kilometer and we pay all miles - that means drivers are paid from their start (deadhead) location to the pickup, to the drop off, and either back home or to their next destination. In addition to all miles, in lieu of wait time, we pay a flat fee per pick-up, drop off, and border crossing.

Where do drivers sleep?

Our G Licenced drivers are provided with motel rooms for overnights or extended stays, while our DZ drivers have accommodations in their cabin.

What about safety/communications?

Our trucks are outfitted with state-of-the-art technology and can be traced through satellite tracking to their exact location. We also provide smart phones to our drivers and have satellite messaging with vehicles.

Who pays for gas, maintenance, tolls, etc?

We keep our trucks in optimum working order and provide for and adhere to a strict maintenance schedule. We also provide fuel cards so that, ideally, there is no out of pocket expense. Some expenses like highway tolls are paid by drivers and reimbursed soon after.

What are the type of vehicles you have?

G Class drivers are assigned to sprinters, 12', 14', or 16' trucks straight trucks; DZ drivers are assigned to 24' straight trucks or roll tite flatbed

Oh the places you'll go...